Coronavirus rescheduling?

If you've had to move your event date, you're in good company.

This is an imperfect, painful situation for us all. We're struggling. And we know you're struggling too.

All we can do is try to help each other.

If you're already under contract with Backthird, you've got two options:


1. Cancel your event.

If you take this route, existing cancellation policies apply as outlined in our contracts.

That means we can't refund advance payments. But we won't ask you to pay additional money either, even if your contract says you should.

To cancel, just complete the form on this page. We'll email you to confirm. 


2. Reschedule your event.

Right now we're rescheduling events for free. If you've paid money toward a Backthird DJ or live music event, consider it a credit. It's not going anywhere. Relax. Take your time finding a new date. Don't celebrate until it's safe.

Complete the form at right after you choose your new event date and we'll send you a new contract. We'll apply all payments you've made so far to the new contract. It's simple.

We're NOT always able to change your services or your location for free - just your party's date and time. If you've switched venues or you want to change your DJ or musicians, say so in the "other info" field. We'll let you know what's possible.


Right now it's taking us between 7 and 10 business days to rewrite contracts on rescheduled parties. Please be patient. This crisis has hit everyone at the same time, and wedding vendors are especially overwhelmed. We're working hard to serve you.