Coronavirus changes:

If the pandemic means you need to change your wedding plans and you're already under contract with Backthird, use the form at right to ask for an updated contract.

You can keep your plans if local health guidelines allow - we'll simply ask you to sign our COVID addendum.

But there are three ways to change your plans, too:


1. Keep your plans, but move the afterparty online.

We launched a brand new service in June: The Huge Little Wedding. It's a way to celebrate online with ALL your guests that actually let's them participate. Unlike livestreams or video chats, Huge Little Weddings let your guest make toasts, play games and personally share their love with you. It's not just video of your wedding - it's a true online event.

We'll build you one for free.

Just cut your physical guest list and agree to end your party 3 hours earlier, before the dance floor would have opened. You'll pay what your original contract says, and you won't have to cancel any plans.

Use the form below to get the paperwork, or click here to learn more about how the Huge Little Wedding pivot works.


2. Cancel your plans and switch to a Huge Little Wedding.

Worried that another outbreak could put future plans in jeopardy? You can cancel your booked services with us and apply any money you've already paid to any Huge Little Wedding service instead.

This lets you build a pandemic-proof plan: Get married anywhere and anywhen, with 10 or 6 or even just 2 people. Then share and celebrate that moment online with ALL of your guests during the following week.

You'll have to cancel or change plans with other vendors if you go this route; it's more like hitting the reset button. Use the form below to make the switch.


3. Cancel outright.

If you cancel outright, existing cancellation policies apply as outlined in your contract. That means we can't refund advance payments. But we've decided we won't ask you to pay more, even if your contract says you should.

To cancel, use the form below. We'll email you to confirm.