A RARE opportunity to move straight into DJing.

Apply by January 20. Some wait years for this chance, but you could start this month.

Backthird DJs make the celebration happen. Working directly with clients, they help plan the perfect wedding or event. Then, they make sure the party is on schedule - and off the hook.

Do you love music? Are you good with people? Are you just a little quirky?

Djing is a fun, flexible way to earn good part-time money while still keeping your weekdays free for other things. You'll have to want it. You'll have to earn our trust. You'll have to work for it. 

But when you do, there are few jobs more rewarding.

Most Backthird DJs start as Assistant DJs, working for a year or more at that entry-level position before we give them the chance to move up to DJ. But right now, we're hiring straight onto our DJ team. If you've got what it takes to DJ, this is a rare opportunity. Don't miss it.

Job Description