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Who am I hiring?

photo by Kelsey MaikoThe right team.

Backthird couples don't hire "just a DJ." Two Brothers Roundhouse wedding packages below include:

  • Account Manager to build your wedding plan and serve as your office contact and confidant
  • Lead DJ and Assistant DJ to build your wedding agenda, run sound, mix music and act as Master of Ceremonies
  • On Call DJ to be on standby on your wedding date, in case of emergency

Want to set your wedding apart? Many Roundhouse weddings also include live music.

What's my setup?

Elle Rose PhotographyThe right tools.

Roundhouse weddings are different - you'll likely say your vows on the gazebo, then move indoors for cocktail (or beer) hour, dinner and dancing.

That makes for a great flow to your wedding day - as long as your DJ knows how to work weddings at Two Brothers Roundhouse.

All wedding packages below include:

  • Sound and music for your wedding ceremony, using the built-in gazebo sound system at the Roundhouse
  • Our standard DJ setup for your  cocktail, dinner and dance times - including a wireless mic for toasts and MC services, music system (with backup) for all songs, and fun-but-not-overbearing dance lighting

3 Plans & Prices

Pick your plan.

Here are 3 ways to throw an unforgettable party at the Roundhouse. Find your favorite, or customize anything below to suit your style and budget.

Plans below assume a 7-hour wedding celebration: 1 hour for your ceremony, 1 for cocktails, 2 for dinner, speeches and special events - and 3 hours to dance.

1. Upbeat strings



ceremony pop strings trio (violin, cello & piano)
pop strings trio


pop strings trio (violin, cello & piano)
pop strings trio


Your DJ directs dinner events and plays dinner music.


Your DJ runs your WHOLE reception as MC, then rocks the dance floor when dinner is done.



Want a guitar with your pop trio instead of piano? It's the same rate.

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2. Laid-back jazz



DJ plays ceremony music & mics your officiantDJ/engineer


jazz duet (piano & bass)

jazz duet


solo piano during dinnersolo piano


Your DJ plays what you want to dance to.



Make the most of your Roundhouse bar time with live jazz during cocktails and dinner.

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3. Trust the DJ



DJ plays ceremony music & mics your officiant.DJ/engineer


cocktail DJ/MC



Your DJ directs dinner events and plays dinner music.DJ/MC


Your DJ runs your WHOLE reception as MC, then rocks the dance floor when dinner is done.



Don't need live music? Let your DJ personalize your whole night, from first look to last dance.

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What affects my wedding cost?

More or less.

The plans and rates above are typical of weddings we've performed at Two Brothers Roundhouse. But wait - there's no such thing as a typical wedding!

Elle Rose PhotographyWant to customize these plans to suit your style? For a little MORE than the rates above, you could:

  • Include different live music, like a jazz quintet or a pop strings group
  • Include uplighting (a GREAT complement to the Roundhouse architecture, as you can see from the photo at left!)
  • Extend your celebration to last longer than 7 hours total, including the ceremony

Your wedding might cost LESS than the rates above if:

  • You need reception service only (no wedding ceremony at the Roundhouse)
  • The celebration lasts less than 6 hours total

We can put professional entertainment plans together at most budget levels - but the single biggest factor in your wedding cost is the size of your guest list.

Which plan do you like best?

Any of the 3 plans above will work great for your wedding at Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora. We should know - we've done them!

But you can customize, too: Mix and match elements you like from different plans, or ask us how to personalize to fit your style and budget.

So what's your plan? Use this form to tell us what you like - we'll check to make sure it's still possible on your event date. Then we'll contact you personally talk about next steps.

Backthird was a preferred vendor for our venue, and for good reason! They were wonderful - and they knew their way around.
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Joe & Amanda

People were dancing from dinner until last call! The DJs are phenomenal at reading the guests and choosing songs that the most people are going to enjoy while also taking into consideration the musical taste of the bride and groom... I can't say enough good things about our experiences with Backthird and would recommend them to anyone!
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Allison & Ben