What does a wedding DJ really do?

How are you supposed to hire the right DJ when you've never hired a DJ before?  Start by knowing exactly what a wedding DJ's supposed to DO.

How do I tell all these wedding DJs apart?

The DJ industry is split into very different types of companies. Here are 4 ways to tell which type you're looking at - and which type you actually need.

How can I tell if a wedding DJ's good before I book?

How can you tell if your actual wedding DJ's going to be any good? Here are 3 surefire ways to check...without crashing another couple's wedding.

How does true wedding DJ pricing work?

With so many rates, options and fees, how can you possibly know what your wedding DJ is going to cost? True pricing is different. Here's how.

How your DJ prepares before your wedding

How well will your reception go? It depends what your wedding DJ does BEFORE the wedding day to get prepared. Here's what one DJ does during the month leading up to your wedding day.

How your DJ MC's your wedding

What's your wedding like from the MC's perspective? Our DJs share what's on their minds while they're on the microphone.

How your DJ picks music for your wedding

What's your DJ thinking while you're on the dance floor? Do we plan music in advance or respond on the fly? Three DJs explain how they decide what to play on your wedding day.

What will my DJ setup look like?

Here's the Backthird DJ booth in action. We show you both a daytime setup and a dark-room setup, with lighting in various colors and configurations.

How booking a DJ actually works

Here's exactly how booking works at Backthird, step by actual step, with screenshots of everything you'd do if you hired us to DJ for you.

How we hire your wedding DJ

If you choose a wedding DJ company, what can you be SURE you'll get in your DJ - no matter which DJ you get?

How we train your wedding DJ

How can we be sure your wedding DJ's going to do great? Because they graduated from our DJ training. Here's what that takes.